Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CMP? When is your class happening?

CMP stands for Certified Meeting Professional. It is a highly valuable and highly recognizable certificate which is also frequently referred to as “the Events Industry badge of excellence”. 

My next class will be November 19 & 20, and December 3 & 4, 2021.

Please note, we need 10 attendees by November 12th to hold the class, so make sure to register early! If you register prior to class being cancelled, you will get a full refund.

It’s called a Virtual Meeting and Event CMP Intensive Class – well, because it’s virtual and really intensive.

Q. Intensive CMP Exam Preparation Class – is it only about CMP? Do I need a CMP at all?

Absolutely not only about the CMP. I would say, apart from technical questions on what the domains include and how to approach your exam preparation/exam in general, all other information you will get is 100% applicable to your actual work. And that’s not what I say – that’s what my students think and what they share. If you want to hear more of an actual feedback – I have a YouTube channel called "Meetings, Events and Education by Joanne Dennison, CMP, MSEd" and there are several interviews that you may find very useful if you're still thinking if you should take my class and what you'll get out of it. Or if you're just considering getting your CMP and want to hear the stories of others on how/if CMP actually helped them in some way. 

Q. How much does it cost to attend your class and what are the options?

 The price is $650

1)    Pay Now – you pay a full price at the moment of registration to be registered for the class.

2)    If you need a Payment Plan - please contact Joanne Dennison directly at or 732-672-1134. 

Q. Apart for the registration for your class, what other charges/fees will I need to pay to become a CMP?

 CMP application submission fee (non-refundable) is $250 USD; Exam fee (non-refundable) is $475 USD
These fees will be paid directly to EIC – Events Industry

Q. I want to take your class and become a CMP. Can I ask my company to pay for me? How do I assure my boss that it’s necessary for my professional growth and development How do I show the organization will benefit - not just me? How do I explain all the benefits of investing in me?

What a great question! Actually, I have a short but a very efficient video called “Conversation with Decision Maker about Taking Joanne's Class” on my YouTube channel - “Meetings, Events and Education by Joanne Dennison, CMP, MSEd”. Please check it out – I shot this one especially for such cases.

Also, again on my YouTube channel, check out the Playlist called “Stories from the CMPs” – almost all of them refer to how the knowledge they got in my class actually helped them to enhance work performance.

What you may find very useful is a CMP info session – full record, again, may be found on my YouTube channel - CMP Info Session: How to become a CMP from A to Z or on here on the website under CMP info session tab.

And, of course, you can always reach out to me at I totally get it that there are no two identical cases, and every person requires individual approach – so we can discuss it together with you and find the best words to express how much you’ll be able to get out of the class.

Q. What is included into the price I pay for registration?

 You only pay for 4 days/16 hours of class.*

However, there is a lot more that you actually get:
3 Answers Afterwards  which will happen in the weeks after the class.
A Take-Again option. As many times as needed with no restrictions.

And that is not including endless networking opportunities - you will spend 4 days with people from different cities, countries and even continents, who are working in the same industry so I always strongly recommend my students connect to each other on LinkedIn!

*these 16 hours classify as Continuing Education hours and may be used towards CMP exam application/recertification.


Q. What is Answers Afterwards and when it will happen?

 When the class is over, and you start preparing to take a CMP Exam, most likely you will have a lot of questions popping up. So, you may write them down and participate in one, two or all three of 1-hour Answers Afterwards to get these questions answered. These sessions generally take place once a week, over the three weeks following the class.

Q. What is the Take-Again option?

 No matter if you want to take a class one more time before you take the exam; or you do not pass; or you get your CMP and still feel like you need to retake it because everything we'll be talking about is perfectly applicable to your actual work; or you just want to hang out with me for 16 more hours - you are always welcome to do so. As many times as needed with no restrictions.

***Take-Again for November Class - Please register by November 5th so that you receive all the class updates***

Q. Are any materials provided? Are books provided?

 There will be a bunch of files which you’ll need to download prior to the beginning of the class – printouts/handouts. When you register, these materials will be available to you under “Agenda" tab.

 No, books are not provided, but there are recommended books for studying that you will have to get.

Q. What books are recommended for the CMP Exam preparation, how much they cost and where do I order them from?

EIC Manual, 9th Edition. Hard copy: $99.95 USD, e-book format: $69.95 USD, Hard copy and e-book combo discount: $150 USD (must be purchased at same time to receive discount) 

 APEX Glossary – 2019 Edition: $35.00 USD. 

 Professional Meeting Management, (PCMA Manual), 6th edition: $110.00 USD

 Prices do not include shipping and handling. I strongly recommend purchasing these books from EIC marketplace.

 Please note, this information as an estimation as of 1/2020 according to EIC website.

Q. Is it like a real in-person class or more of a webinar?

 It is totally like an in-person class and absolutely NOT a webinar. Even though it may seem that interaction is limited when you are attending a class via Zoom (or any other platform), I do my best to make everyone feel like we are physically in a classroom. I do not use Power Points - I use flip charts, and keep writing and drawing during the class, because I believe it's a lot more clear - especially in some cases. The flip charts also allow me to answer specific question with tailored answers.

Q. Are any practice quizzes provided/recommended?

 No. There are no practice quizzes provided in the class. Also, I strongly discourage you to be taking ANY quizzes, including those on the apps. In the beginning of my class I’ll explain in detail why I feel they are not the best use of your study time, and how they can actually harm your preparation. 

Q. Are there any recommendations on how I should study provided during the class?

 Yes. I do go through a series of recommended steps ( I call it Strategic Studying) on the order of the materials, the importance of creating time and how to do that, and more on how to organize the preparation process. And it allows you to take the information and shape it for you—one size does not fit all. In the end it is how to get the biggest Return on the Investment of your time and money.


Q. That’s all great, but I still have a few questions left.

 Please email them to me at and I’ll be glad to answer them!

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