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What is CMP Prep To Go?

CMP Prep To Go is an extremely user friendly thumb drive that contains more than 40 study materials - videos, documents, and visual graphics, which can helpful to not only prepare for the CMP exam but also further your career. 

From very detailed guidance of the CMP process to study and test tips, CMP Prep To Go is full of study pieces - some are exclusive! 

Can I find materials in CMP Prep To Go somewhere else?
Some of the videos in CMP Prep To Go are available on my YouTube Channel -  Meetings, Events, CMP Exam Education by Joanne Dennison, CMP - however, these have been edited just for the CMP Prep To Go users. And, of course, there are exclusive videos that are not accessible through YouTube. 
Are there practice exams or questions for the CMP exam?
No, there are no practice questions or exams in CMP Prep To Go. However, study materials like study tips and test techniques are included. 
How much is the CMP Prep To Go?
The regular price is US $65.00.

For shipping costs outside of North America, please contact me at 

Last but not least....
*CMP Prep To Go is a copyrighted material, therefore, it cannot be used for anything else but for personal use

 *CMP Prep To Go does not have anything to do with Events Industry Council (EIC). This product is not sanctioned by EIC.

 *Refund & Return is not available. 

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