Joanne Dennison's
 Intensive Virtual CMP Class

May 14th & 21st, Friday - 5:30pm - 9:30pm
May 15th & 22nd, Saturday - 11am - 3pm

*All in Eastern Time
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Virtual Meeting/Event Intensive CMP Class
 This intensive and extensive, class utilizes the CMP - International Standards as the base for the areas of learning. This is a class where the information is taught, not facilitated. It will be live video and there will be no Power Point. Although we won't physically be in the room together, any questions will be answered either during, or after the class. There will also be three one-hour "Answers Afterwards" which is a follow up session, focusing on different domains. Registration also includes the "Take Again" option, where you can take the class again at no additional charge.

▪ 16 Hours of  class hours count toward Continuing Education(CE) hours for CMP application or re-certification.
▪ Enroll once - and retake CMP class as many times as needed at no additional charge.
No PowerPoints - only live teaching (and flip charts) 
▪ Answers Afterwards - join the discussion online and ask any questions that you may come up with during your exam preparation. Answers Afterwards usually happen once in a week during three following weeks after the class.
     - May 26th, 5:30PM, Wednesday
     - June 4th, 5:30PM, Friday
     - June 11th, 5:30PM, Friday 

      *All in Eastern Time

The topics that are covered are emphasized according to importance and relevancy to the CMP - International Standards, and the proportion to how they are used in the exam.

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