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The MeetGuide - Earn your CMP this year!
"After all, how hard can it be to get a room and order some coffee?" Trust me. It is much more complicated and harder than people think. And I am here to help you to be better at what you do and further your career. I have been an educator in Meeting and Event industry since 2000 and never stopped loving teaching CMPs and connecting them to the industry. I will greet you with both of my arms wide open if you want to be one of 11,000 CMPs in the world.
"I walked out of Joanne's class with so much knowledge, not just about my CMP but also about real-life Meeting Industry knowledge"
- Kirsten Franco, CMP

"If I could do it all over agin, I would have started with Joanne first!"
- Bre Binder, CMP
Joanne's Virtual Meeting/Event Intensive CMP Class
My intensive and extensive class utilizes the CMP - International Standards as the base for the areas of learning. This is a class where the information is taught, not facilitated. Registration also includes the "Take Again" option, where you can take
the class again at no additional charge.

Class hours count toward the CMP Continuing Education application and re-certification hours.

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